every year before the Easter holidays my college sticks a bloody crucifix in the field and makes a student stand there dressed as jesus and when we get back they just have the bloody cross there for like a week. im pretty sure our principal is high as fuck all the time


"I Thought This Outfit Was Super Cute Until I Got To School" a five part documentary starring me

Anonymous: are you going to Manchester, Comic-Con?!


Anonymous: You're video 'When I'm with you, the're no place I'd rather be' really moved me. I could completely relate to everything that you said in the video, I really admire your intelligent way of thinking, as well as your ability to articulate it that well in such a fantastic video. Vlog week was great, thank you for making me happy! :)

thank you so much!! I’m super glad you enjoyed it and i hope i can continue to make you feel stuff like that in the future ♡

brotagonist: w/ ur straight hair n lil fangs+spacers you're like a punk wolf n you look so good!! im a lil jealous truth be told uvu

ayyyy thank you ;w; punk wolf that’s possibly the best compliment I’ve ever gotten


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v much enjoying having straight hair

Bold & Brash 
Tentacles, 2001


internet celebrity culture has the power to grant essentially any person a direct position of power and influence over young and impressionable people, with no filter in between.

it can be taken advantage of on a whim with little friction, both actively by people who actively…